The Tassel Belt in Action

Remember when I made a tassel belt in less than 48 hours for Nat?

Here’s the performance and the belt in action:

If the embedded video doesn’t play for you, go to YouTube: – Jennalah’s Dance Party “Cashbah Belly” at Skinnys Restaurant January 2011: Twisted Gypsy

You’ll also see why I’ve purchased shiny embroidery threads and shisha mirrors ( to further decorate the belt. Hers looks too plain on stage in comparision to all the other belts.
Friday I’ll also be working on floral hair clips with my friend Adrienne. I’ll start with some pieces I can wear myself, and see if I want to make any for my friends. Primarily I want to figure out how to make “dreads” on hair clips for dancers, but I only own 2 flower clips right now. And there’s nothing like coming up with new costume accessories.

If you didn’t know, I’m studying dance AND drum with all these folks. This is the dance style and the drumming that I’ve been working on since June 2011. I’m completely addicted. The only downside? Figuring out when I will drum versus when I will dance! *grin*

One thought on “The Tassel Belt in Action

  1. cayswann says:

    And now this evening, I just hooked up my newest model Tivo Premier to my Fios wireless network… and watched the above video from YouTube **ON my TV**!! (This is what living in the future looks like!)

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