The Calendar, The Clutter

The Calendar, The Clutter – I had this nagging suspicion I hadn’t unpacked all summer, or maybe since spring, or maybe since February. Then I looked at my calendar, and all the notes I kept on the events I attended, the family gatherings, the friends’ birthday parties, the spontaneous trips out of town… and found a pretty good reason for my suspicions. Or is that 47 out of 48 weekends worth of reasons? (read more…)

3 thoughts on “The Calendar, The Clutter

  1. jkrissw says:

    I’ll agree with Aliskye’s comment – schedule yourself some “home” time or you might do what I did and burn out on it. I sort of ran away screaming from the SCA in early ’93, and it took quite a while to get comfortable with it again – at a much lower level of intensity.

    On another note – HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! 🙂

    • Cat Ellen says:

      Actually, since my evaluation was “this IS what I love doing with my time” there’s not really a burn-out edge to it. But I appreciate the feedback, very much.

      And thanks for the bday wishes!

      • jkrissw says:

        It was what I loved doing too, until a time came when it started to seem more like work than play. That’s what I was referring to. Hopefully, you’ll never get to that point. 🙂

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