Taking the First Step

There’s a discussion forum (both on a separate website and on Facebook) in which many folks post about finding motivation and overcoming various obstacles in their lives, whether physical or mental, chronic or habitual, lonely or common. In one discussion, one of the ladies on the list said something in passing that struck me at the heart.

“In my exercise classes, the only required choreography is the get out of the car and walk in the door of the class step. Everything after that is optional.”  — Jeanette Depatie (author of thefatchick.com)

I took her quote and made a visually appealing graphic, uploaded it to the group, my students’ forum, pinterest, and my general facebook timeline.

I’m glad that Jeanette liked it. She’s an inspiration to many people, and I could not help spreading more of her inspiration to other people.

One thought on “Taking the First Step

  1. mrsipstenu says:

    It’s a brilliant, simple idea: just show up.

    However, I would also add to this that if you went to all the effort to show up, you might also enjoy finding the reason you did it, and the only reason you did it was so that you could work yourself up to dancing. I admit, the biggest hurdle for me in dancing, or in anything else, is getting there. Convincing myself to deal with people is the hardest thing about most things for me, really. Once I’m there, by gum, I’m THERE. But getting there is way more than half of my personal battle.

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