Skein 1

How #crafty Mrs Claus spends the time in the car, waiting between gigs… Getting ready to play these singles. #textiles #spinning

Plying in the dark, in the car, while out as Mrs Claus #crafty #textiles #spinning #MrsClausTacklesTheDay

Pink and Purple Yarn

Just a quick note with some bulky yarn, custom order for a dollmaker.

And one of my favorite new tools to demonstrate WPI (wraps per inch).

I’m off to a Fiber Retreat weekend, put on by Griffin Dyeworks, where I’ll be teaching and learning a variety of different spinning techniques. I hope to have many fantastic new photos for you when I return. Until then, enjoy these.

P.S. Here’s where I purchased the sheep yarn gauge:

Bulky Goth St. Paddy’s Day

Some quick photos of new yarn that I spun for myself: a Bulky yarn for a St. Patrick’s day party at a Goth club with a Tribal belly dance troupe. I’ll be wearing this in my hair tonight.

The yarn has been separated into two ponytail holders and will be worn in my hair tonight.
Black natural merino wool blended with bits of naturally dyed wool, dyed wool locks,
sari silk threads, and wool blends with firestar sparkle threads
Extremely bulky 2-ply yarn. Some thick/thin variation, the largest sections are almost 3/4-inch thick.

More photos: