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Fri Aug 19 – Once again I walked into the kitchen this morning, praising how clean it is, how nice it is to have groceries, to have space in the fridge, to just make coffee and breakfast and then drive to work. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my apartment?

And at work, my desk is all neat and organized again with calendars and task lists updated, filed, hole-punched, hanging overhead, whatever each one requires. And I have the unparalleled joy of realizing that once again, I have one week to finish a book. *laughs* Okay, so I here I go again, quilting and stitching together recycled training materials into a new package, and meeting another deadline. I’m beginning to think I’m the go-to-girl for quilted/repackaged training.

Tonight is a Bardic Circle back in my home shire, but at the southern end of our borders, which means my drive in get-away-traffic on a Friday through Orange and LA counties should be shorter than some drives “home.” I have no new music to share in our music swap, but I couldn’t possibly miss the first workshop that True has put together for us. We’re trying to encourage more performing arts throughout our middle ages hobby society, and workshops like this could be one of our flagship activities. [Eww, “flagship.” That’s corporate-speak, isn’t it Dayle?]

Then tomorrow is a Regional competition for the type of fencing we do called “Rapier” and some friends talked me into adding it to my schedule. I’m still trying to juggle when I’ll pack, whether I’m carpooling, what am I taking, what can I expect when I get there, gosh I still need to find out “where” it is and print some maps. *sigh* So much to do!

And then Sunday a bunch of us are having a “High Tea” at a tea house together. I was thinking that it would be nice to get a frilly dress to wear—you know, just another costume in my closet. But I’m pretty certain I won’t have time.

And since it’s payday, today is *supposed* to be “sit and pay all the bills before you even go get dinner” day. I would hate to finally admit that I’ve overpacked my schedule, but even my super-human energy and organizational skills are getting a massive workout this weekend.

[Those of you who *always* think I’m doing to much, hmmm, when you get over snickering at me, please be kind in the comments page, pretty please? *wink*]
* * * * *

On a completely different topic, I think I finally grasp why I’ve never fully understood my friends who have such amazingly good and powerful relationships, when if they are apart, they talk about how *much* they miss their partner. I think I’ve finally noticed that in all the relationships I’ve had over my life, good, bad, married, dating, healthy, not-healthy, I’ve never had one of those types of people where I just *missed them desperately* when we were apart. Even though my last dating relationship was the healthiest in my =entire= life, one of the most loving and caring relationships, I didn’t have that huge gaping hole of missing them when we were apart.

I’m beginning to grasp the concept now. I just hope that if I’m ever really in a relationship like that, it’s a mutual feeling. That we would *both* be drawn together in that kind of passion and devotion. I would hate to be in a one-way one-sided arrangement where one of us has that level of passion and one doesn’t. Not to say that I’m anywhere near that in life right now, but I’m beginning to wonder if that’s why my last dating relationship ended. I didn’t have that same sense of “wow I really miss you SO much!!!” and so it was uneven.
* * * * *

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