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Getting up early for the gym is good for me, and I’ll just keep remembering that. Really.

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One wonderful thing about this new job is the speed of the local network and the lack of military firewall. It’s so nice to be able to finish work and then take a few hours to finish paying all my bills for the week, balance my checkbook, and go through my large shoulder bag to make sure that all my filing will get home in one piece, and not remain to be lugged around for weeks. The “…from the inside out” books have inspired me to be happier with “good enough” and not “excessively perfect” organization systems—ones that can be done quickly and are thorough enough without being overkill. I kinda always knew I was doing too much sometimes, and friends like Dayle would gently point it out to me on occasion. Their wisdom is making more sense day by day. Thanks folks.

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I was very glad to see that I had brainstormed what I would need to pack for this weekend, because my plans to shop early and pack early never materialized. So when I did head out to hit the store, it went wonderfully quick and although I’m tired and need to get up really early, I’m almost completely packed and ready for tomorrow. Thankfully much of what I need for *next* weekend is what I’ve packed for this weekend, so that starting Monday I only have to wash and repack a few things then I’ll be ready again.

More later, dearies.

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