Satellite Dizziness

Although everyone else seemed to always use Mapquest for directions and maps, I had always been a fan of Lately I’ve become completely addicted to, and just this afternoon I noticed the Satellite imagery that goes with their maps.

I zoomed in on the house I grew up in, on my elementary school, my high school, my college dorm, my college apartment, my current apartment, and the house I shared with Dayle and Ken (you can see the pool!). I’m just astonished at the functionality. I’m dizzy with satellite imagery.

Plus I just love the slide-around-on-the-map way to move the maps in google. I’ll probably never use anyone else’s maps ever again.

* * * * *

We had our quarterly “state of the business” meeting at work this morning, and I’m just thrilled to be part of a company that’s such a leader in their industry. It makes me think about ways I can keep improving as an individual member of the team, and to be here for a long time to come. It’s almost enough to make me consider this area of Southern CA my “permanent home” … although that’s going to take a lot of soul-searching. I’m still connected to my “old” county where I still go to church, see friends, pick up my mail, and all that. But I love where I work, and I still feel centrally located to much of what I go to. I just feel the tug of a good employer, and that’s a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “Satellite Dizziness

  1. Betty says:

    Hi Chris,
    (Let an old aunt call you by your old name, OK?)
    Just want you to know that Andrew Jackson School is slated to be closed in the near future… 14 schools in all, I think. But I’m determined to get over there and get lots of pictures of the place for our memory banks, and I’ll be sure to send you some. There’s no date for certain, maybe not for a year or so… but childhood classroom & playground memories are special!
    Love you girl!
    PS: Will be sending you some 1 mo. pics of Ben & Ang’s new baby, Claire.

  2. Cat Ellen says:

    Absolutely — I know that family is family, and old names are our “real” names to them. *grin*

    I look forward to seeing the family photos and the pics of our old schools.

    Welcome to my journal space!

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