6 thoughts on “Random Scattered Thoughts

  1. gurdymonkey says:

    How, exactly, do you “accidentally” launch a group?

    You know that website you’ve been admiring? The whole thing started because I got sick of reading whiny posts on one of the Japanese groups about not being able to understand other people’s webbed directions for making kosode. “It’s rectangles, it’s straight lines, what are they not getting?” So I threw myself into the knowledge gap….

    • aliskye says:

      Lol. I don’t think it was accidental that she launched an lj group, but perhaps accidental that it’s been a rousing sucess.

      It was fun meeting you at GWW, I wish I’d had more time to chat!

    • Cat Ellen says:

      Yeah, it’s a lot like that!!! You think, come on, it’s not that hard to have a gathering of all the people in the right place, and you find yourself clicking in LJ on the “create community” button. After that, it’s um, me being me again. *giggle*

  2. kythera says:

    Holey smokes! I’m glad to hear your new comm is taking off. That’s awesome. ^_^

    Looks like we’ve both been battling the sick since GWW… Mine hit me midday Thursday, took me out of action Friday, and I’m STILL a little wobbly today. I’m not sure if it’s the usual post-war mung, or something some of the co-workers brought back from Japan, or a mung that one of my testers has been down with for the past week. X_x

    I hates the sick.

  3. raventhourne says:

    Laundry Hydra – I stole that from cause the minute you think you killed it..you start adding to the pile. Course I still haven’t even figured out how many heads mine has first (# of loads) cause of a stoopid headache and then calligraphy headache ( I hate spacing)

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