3 thoughts on “Quick Summaries, Video Links, and Slight Sadness

  1. sstormwatch says:

    On that last issue… as a long time web designer of non-profits myself, I feel your pain. I am not sure what to offer as a suggestion, but your have my hugs and sympathies.

  2. gottasing says:

    If you ever want to get together to geek out about maquam improving, let me know. It’s not something I’m terribly familiar with yet, but what I’ve tried so far I’ve liked.

    • Cat Ellen says:

      Ooo! I *would* love to geek out on music with you! I have no idea what I’m doing with this Saz… I haven’t even looked up the tuning conventions yet. *giggle* But I loved the maqam class I attended at Gulf Wars, so I blame a wonderful teacher for inspiring me to buy an instrument. 😀

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