Quick Check In

Just a quick friends-locked entry (which I almost never do)….

Any of you runners? People who have supported runners?

I think I’ve just lost my mind. Today I’ve decided I’m committed to doing a marathon. My first marathon. I don’t run (yet). I’m gonna do it.


Okay, big admission done: I’m nervous about narrowing the platform on which I might discus these things. Because I usually post all “in the public” and everything, but I’m *NOT* fishing for comments from the generic masses. I’m not looking for the “you’re my hero!” and “I’m so inspired!” notes that invariably come when someone commits to something big. I’m actually more nervous about trying to manage the well-meaning nonsense that would come from having over 1100+ people following me on Facebook.

So I’m going to talk frankly about running on twitter. I’ve set up a Runners support circle in Google+. And I’ll set up a locked friends group on LiveJournal for anyone who’d like to join in. But heaven help me, I’m not ready to handle the generic all-public facebook masses yet.

Just sayin’

6 thoughts on “Quick Check In

  1. dieppe says:

    Running… It’ll ruin your knees, especially if you’re in the same shape as I am in. Having never done it, I can only say that you should probably have a multi-year plan for it. Yeah, start small, work your way up, etc. AND I’m guessing any minor aches or pains you have in joints will be made worse.

    Uh. You’re my hero and I’m so inspired! No wait, uh. Yeah, I need to get off my lead ass and do something. Hoping to do more walking at our new place….

    But yeah.. multi-year, start small… start with a treadmill perhaps?

  2. mothie says:

    My sister has done 2 5K walks and something like a 3K since Aug. She’s been walking 2 or 3 times a week, and has even joined a Y! And she lives in Ohio. You know, where it snows. ;- j If she can do that you can do a marathon, believe me. ;-> Just start small and keep increasing the time/distance. She’s now a full-fledged fitness nut. I’m agog. You’ll do great. 8-]

  3. gwyneth1362 says:

    I recently started a sort of couch to 5K program with some people at work. I cannot imagine a marathon at this point, but I agree with two things – one, be careful of your knees. I have been run/walking 3 days a week for 6 weeks – and the first week I tried to go every day I got to Thursday and had to ice my knees and take a day off. So, be prepared. And we only do two miles a day.

    Two, I don’t know what kind of physical shape you are in now, but if you aren’t doing some other kind of exercise already build up slowly. It takes time. There are lots of good programs you can get online that will give you a daily schedule of how to build up to the distance you need.

  4. raventhourne says:

    I’m going to be working on doing a 5k this year and maybe a 10k later but not a marathon. I’ll support you though and I have a really good runner friend in so if you need some advice etc go to her.

  5. aliskye says:

    Turns out a guy in my office ran a marathon. He says he was running a couple miles at the time and it took him about 9 months to train, running 3-4 times a week and cross-training in between. He also recommended lifting weights. And recommended finding a pace group to run with. He trained with LA Leggers.

  6. katdianna says:

    so in this tiny new town where i live (iola, ks, btw) (yeah, i’ve moved twice in the last year and…. whatever) they have a midnight 5k in the summer to commemorate some bombings of bars during prohibition. and i just looked up the site and “distinguished” members of society run in drag. does that mean i get to run in drag? not sure what that would mean. but the story is really cool.

    so i’ve kinda said i would run it. can currently run .25 mile. a couple years ago i ran for a whole mile several times. so it’s possible.

    all this is to say….. i’m in. and we’re not google + or fb yet. hmm… i’m my username @yahoo.com

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