6 thoughts on “Posty Posty: New nephew, cars, and bards

  1. hroar says:

    my first Peerage meeting wa sat Pennsic; more MidRealm Laurels there than at any other meeting (in the kingdom) and it scared me to death…and was horribly L_O_N_G!

  2. mudita88 says:

    Love the green card/red card idea…except some people are colorblind to red versus green. I’d suggest using 2 more “universally” different colors, or black/white, to make it fully “accessible.” (BTW, the other major colorblindness dyad is blue/yellow, so don’t pick those two!) Another option (since red & green are so intuitive in our culture for stop/go, and since you already have all those red & green cards) is to get a big black marker and write a big YES on the green cards and a big NO on the red cards so those who can’t discern the color can still tell what’s going on.

  3. archerpren says:

    congrats on the new nephew! he is very very cute. i dont know much about babies but my nephews i think slept 23 hours a day untill they were about 3 months old hahaha.

    im glad you liked the bead making and i totally wanted to come. im bummed. the hubby was working and then my mom showed up saying she wanted to come and then decided, no leaving the house woudl be the worst thing in the world, so we watched music and lyrics (lloooooveeeee it seen it 9 zillion times)and crocheted. im sure you can appreciate that it was still afun evening. :0) there was string after all :0) do you have your bead yet?! what does it look like? cecilia told me you had to leave them there cause they were too hot to bring home.

    and yes congrats to lot! he did a marvelous job. cant wait to see what he comes up with as the bard of caid. its fun to watch him tell a story. :0D

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