Post-first-class Success

I think that the post made mere minutes after I left my student’s house sums up the awesome that was last night.

Brilliant, flashing movements. Bells and drums. Cats fascinated by human-sized cat toys. Isolations of body parts, while coming together in unity. Meditation of the body, exercise of the mind. #BellyDancing with Cat Ellen was a revelation. Thank you, my sister.

I could not be more pleased at my first run at a first lesson. I felt prepared (with the exception of having not packed my iPod speakers). I felt strong in my technique and my articulation skills. And I felt so much gratitude that my approach to dance was met with so much enthusiasm.

I’m on the right path. This brings me so much relief.

2 thoughts on “Post-first-class Success

  1. mrsipstenu says:

    I shall be so proud, forever, to be your first student. I have to say, I’d never have known you were nervous, and I wasn’t nervous at all. Excited, thrilled to be dancing, thrilled to get to do it with such a loved friend, but not nervous. You made everything magical and comfortable, and you fed my brain as well as my body with information. I feel rich, rich, rich to have you in my life and as my teacher. I bow to you.

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