Photographing the "Red Dirt Girl" silk

At the Fiber Frolic (, a close friend decided to have a “trunk sale” to sell off some of her spinning fibers stash, rather than hoard it and never spin it. I picked up tons of great bargains from her, and started working on the silk right away.

The custom dye lot was named “Red Dirt Girl” and in honor of the artisan who did the dyeing, I’ve continued to call the yarn by this name. On my way to lunch, I took a few pictures of my current progress. I will post full statistics later, but this yarn already has a buyer. I suppose I’m just teasing you with beautiful yarn that you cannot purchase… but it is very pretty.

Silk, 2-ply, hand-spun on a drop-spindle, “red dirt girl” colorway

Three bumps of silk are spun and plied, last one is on the spindle

More photos here:

That’s all. I just wanted to share some pretty photos with you.

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