Photo Albums are Hard Work

Whew, wow. After taking months and months to get a photo album created for a website for my friends, last spring, I’m pleased to say it only took two days [working nearly 6-10 hours a day] to get the album done this time. So I hope my dear friend Brian knows that I really did this all for him, since he was the one bugging me last time.

If you don’t already have the link, I’m proud to present a photo album from an event this past Saturday:

I’m doubly proud of my photography as well as my webdesign. Yippee!

* * * * *

Some other good news in my day today: We had medical screening (for free) at work today. They tested our blood pressure, blood glucose, cholesterol, and body fat. I know that my mom and sister and I tend to have low blood pressure, and as I’ve too much weight for a while, it’s climbed to the “normal” range. And I donate blood regularly, so I’m pretty up on my blood pressure every two-three months. But I’ve never had the other bits tested before. Apparently I have *really* low cholesterol, and all the medical staff there gave me enthusiastic thumbs up for that reading. Glucose was also low, and so I’ve no symptoms of problems there.

And body fat, although I knew what the reading would probably be (the level that says “you should lose weight”) I did learn something very encouraging. My lean body mass is much higher than I thought it was. When you’re 5’4″, the old charts always say you’re supposed to be around 120 lbs. Ha! My lean body mass is 150 lbs—so I can stop worrying about being some skinny-binny some day (not like I was really worrying) because even at 0% fat, I’d be more than that. So I’ll probably have my body fat checked again in another six months, to see what progress I’ve made on my exercise, food, and weight loss regimen.

What a wonderful discovery today.

Well, after all that hard work on the photo albums, it’s time to (a) find some dinner at 9 pm and (b) do my laundry before sleep.


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2 thoughts on “Photo Albums are Hard Work

  1. Mom says:

    I just finished looking at ALL your photos! You certainly took a lot … great job! I was glad to see that there was one photo of you! What kind of camera are you using? Your Mom is thinking about getting a digital. Love you — 🙂

  2. Cat Ellen says:

    I have a Canon Powershot SD100 Digital Elph, and I absolutely love it. It takes great photos, plus videos with sound. And best of all, it’s a nice small size AND completely folds the lens flat when it’s powered down. Kristin recommended it, and it was really worth it.

    I also bought an extra battery and a 128 MB card, a carrying case, and the warranty all at once. It was all totaled just under $500 at the time, and worth every penny. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere without it.

    Now I just need to get better at (a) making online albums, (b) sending copies to friends and family when I took the photos for someone else, and (c) making prints and creating hard-copy albums. The latter will be the last one I attempt. The other two I should be able to get done.

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