Patron Saint Day

Sun Jul 24 – Moving Furniture Day. UHaul Day. Exhausted and Ready to Drop Now, please, Day. Day-dreaming About Turning Our Patio Into a Hottub Day. *grin*

Actually, one of the fun things about Moving Furniture in the UHaul Day was making up stories about the name of our street. There doesn’t seem to be a real “Saint Anseline” [if you know of one, please let us know!] so we started creating apocryphal stories about her. You see, if you can have Paul/Pauline, then it must be Ansel/Anseline, so she must be a lady.

We’ve decided that St. Anseline is the patron saint of Independent Women. You know, ones who can single-handedly take care of anything in their lives, and yet can still look beautiful and lovely when context requires it. We sweated and strained, moved three bookcases down the stairs, an awkward desk down the stairs, took out a couch and loveseat from the living room, a large kitchen table (glass-top) and four chairs, two more bookcases from downstairs, two end tables and a coffee table, a drafting table, a loom, a spinning wheel, a bicycle, and zillions of boxes. It took three trips and from about noon until 10:30 with a break for dinner with two friends, one of whom helped with packing the truck for the 3rd time, but we did it. And our apartment *still* looks “gi-GAN-tor” even filled with boxes and furniture.

Adrienne and Jeff were able to join us for dinner, and so we took a break after trip #2 to shower and look lovely (all inspired by our patron saint), and just walked across the street to the local sit-down restaurant. It was a wonderful break to refresh us enough for the final packing and trip. Now Mel has only some kitchen and food items to pack. I still have quite a number of things in my old room to move, and probably more garage boxes than I can remember, but we have until the 9th to be out of the apartment with everything clean.

Mel’s sister hung out in the apartment while we were packing, to be there when our new fridge was delivered. And during the 1st packing trip, I dropped off my car at the local Circuit City to have my new stereo installed. It’s pretty and shiny and wonderful. (I didn’t read your comments from yesterday, Dayle, until just this evening.) *grin*

So, an amazingly full and fruitful day. Time to go collapse.

3 thoughts on “Patron Saint Day

  1. Randomthoughts says:

    ansel is the acronym for “American National Standard for Extended Latin” if that helps (hinders?) at all? so maybe she has latin roots? or was taller than the average saint (ie extended)?

    or perhaps you (others?) could conjure up something better?

    nice ideas you had, tho. 🙂

  2. Dayle says:

    No St. Anselines, but three St. Anselms.

    Patron Saints of Women:
    Margaret of Antioch
    Mary Magalen

    Patron Saints of Single Women:
    Flora of Cordoba
    Margaret of Cortona

    Patron Saints of Women in Labour (thinking outside the box to assume “labour” means any kind of work [g]):
    John of Bridlington
    Margaret of Antioch
    Margaret of Fontana
    Mary of Oignies

    No patron saints of moving (although there is one for “mouse, fear of”!).

    Patron Saints of Homemakers (given that you are building a “home”):

    Patron Saints of Truck Drivers:

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