Patchwork Quilt Thoughts Day

Patchwork Quilt Thoughts Day – I sum up what I’ve been doing for the past month, *squee* a bit about my nephew and how he’s saying my name now and getting upset if I walk away at a tournament, find some old thoughts from last month about stuff around the house. Then I ponder this weekend why it is that I only see the best in people, get extremely uncomfortable overhearing poor reports about other people, and ponder whether it’s okay that I don’t really want to change that very much. (read more…)

3 thoughts on “Patchwork Quilt Thoughts Day

  1. hroar says:

    Not sure I understand..
    Changing you? Changin the situations?
    Did someting form Coronation bug you?
    Personally, since i was outside 99% of the time and no one was around, I foudn it boring, but that is me and my needing things to do.
    Sometimes it is hard for me to follow..I mus tbe missin gthings.

    • Cat Ellen says:

      Ah, I see that I have been (once again) a confusing person by being vague. (a) I heard people talking. Their opinions of other people were not my opinions. (b) I thought about what I heard people saying. I thought about how I was uncomfortable overhearing things. (c) I thought about whether this says anything about me: That my opinions were not their opinions. (d) I idly wondered if that meant I should change. I mostly concluded I didn’t really want to change that much.

      • hroar says:

        I see!
        I fear I am NOT the mosxt observant person in teh world..I was afraid you were spoken ill of, adn I woudl not like that.
        People speaking ill of, it is not a good thing. I know gossip is sometimes neessary to help grease the wheels, but more often then not, destructive gossip can be a horrible thing.
        You have a LOT going on to consider and ponder! WOW!

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