Once a month road trip

Thu Jul 7 – I spent some significant time putting together my “generic apartment application information” sheet this afternoon. It’s a lot like putting together a background investigation application, and since I’ve done that 3+ times in the past two jobs and another job application, I have far too much of that information at my fingertips. But every apartment application seems to want to see how much can you cram into a tiny form that’s been copied so many times you can hardly read it. So my approach now is to fill out the easy fields and put “see attached” in all the other sections, then attach a neatly typed, thorough, extremely detailed one-page two-sided custom form. I’m thinking I’ll have that on hand for job applications in the future, too.

After racing over to the apartment to drop these off with Mel, I hit the road to go up to the Shire meeting. I even got there in time to pick up Etain and bring her to the meeting, which made me feel pretty good about both getting on the road quickly enough and good about hitting the right freeways to hit the good traffic.

Strangely enough I got another phone call from the guy who’s doing my federal background investigation from a job I applied for back in December (that I no longer want, but investigations take so long, so why burn bridges?); then a call from Mel; then a call from Lisa… It was just one long Grand Central Station kind of evening. Etain wasn’t up for dinner, so I took her home first, and then went back to Chili’s to see my shire friends again.

Dinner was lovely, and I finally got to hang out with some of the brewers that I usually only see on our mailing list. And Lisa was able to swing by and join us for dinner, which was lovely. I got to tell her quite a bit about my Sunday revelations, sing her a few more song snippets I’ve written, and generally enjoy hanging out with her.

The drive home was tough, being so darn tired, but with some loud singing I made it home safely. G’night!

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