No Rusty Bridges in Sunny CA

Thu Aug 18 – One of the (only) downsides of our new apartment is that there is no microwave. But once you get past the obvious “Oh, no! What’ll I do?!” feeling, it’s really not that hard to heat up leftovers on the stove or in the oven. When Dayle left a burrito here after the party on the weekend, I just popped it in the oven to heat. Before I found my toaster oven from the last of the garage items, we just made melted sandwiches under the broiler. This morning’s breakfast was my favorite in the world: Leftover dinner. Really! My favorite breakfast is dinner food, especially since so often leftovers are really just smaller meals. So you combine the whole protein, veggies, and starches mix, reheated, and in a smaller portion, and that’s my perfect breakfast meal.

So after putting the coffee on to brew, I grabbed a small box of last night’s stirfry and just tossed it in a teflon-coated sauce pan to heat. Once it was all done, the coffee was done at the same time, and all I had to do was pack the food back into the small box so I could eat while stuck in traffic. Ah, heaven!

We’re back into the 2nd day of our structured writing class again today, and it’s really been enjoyable. It gives me a sense that my boss(es) value this kind of quality in our materials, and that although the deadline is still king, the goal is not to just turn out any product, but to turn out a world-class quality product. It’s so reassuring to get that message from the top down.
* * * * *

In the afternoon, of all things, I got *another* call from *another* background investigator, for a job application I put in EARLY December! I mean, really!! I’m beginning to be VERY thankful I never took a job with these people. They’ll go for 1-4 months without contacting me, and then suddenly it’s the most earth-shattering urgent task in the WORLD and they simply MUST get ahold of me RIGHT now.

It makes me hold my head in ranting throbbing pain. I could end the whole annoying process with a quick and simple “Don’t bother calling me, I’ll call you” brush off and tell them I have no interest in ever working for them, ever. But then again, never burn bridges, hmm? But suffering government workers comes close to watching bridges rust.
* * * * *

Reading Recently: Neil Gaiman’s “American Gods”, and Anne McCaffrey’s “To Ride Pegasus”

Recently Listened to: Gravity Willing “Requia”

2 thoughts on “No Rusty Bridges in Sunny CA

  1. Craigor says:

    You are in such luck!! I have a microwave I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with 😎 I’ll be happy to have the space and see it go to a good home if you’re interested. We have a built-in microwave in our new house, so we’ve been storing our perfectly good microwave for four years now. I need to distribute things to other good homes 😎

    Don’t have too much fun, just enough!!!

    If you want to pick up the microwave before I come back to work, just call my cell. Otherwise, I’ll bring it in after Labor Day — If you want it. I believe it’s a Panasonic that I bought new. It’s a medium size with white sides and a black front.


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