No Moving Truck

When my Mom was a little girl, she was in the Philippines once, and watched some artisans carve these amazing end tables, which they created by sitting on stools and holding the chisels between their toes. At least, that’s how I remember the story being told. I’ll have to ask her about that, because it seems ridiculous now.

Anyways, I’ve always loved the 2 end tables and the coffee table, and said jokingly that I’d like them left in the will to me. Now she’s completely redesigning her kitchen, and she wants everything in the kitchen, dining room, and family room completely changed. So all the kids have to take stuff away from her house now. I’m supposed to pick up three very tall bookcases and a cd-tower to match, plus the three carved tables.

I had reserved a moving truck for today, and even coaxed my roomies into driving me up north an hour on the freeway to pick up the truck, help me load the furniture, and then follow me back home to the apartment to unload everything and return the truck down here (as a one-way truck). But late yesterday afternoon, the truck company called to apologize that they won’t have a truck available in the morning after all. They *might* have one by the afternoon, but no guarantees.

*gigantic sigh*

So now I’ve puttered around all afternoon, no call from the company, no truck, no furniture moved. But this evening the roomies and I will still drive up to my Mom’s town to see “Guys and Dolls” so it won’t be a completely lost day. Just now I’ll have to find a half-day off work to have Geoff drive me up after he gets off work, provided they have a truck available on one of his “get off at 1 pm” days this week, and that I can leave work early to meet up with him and do the trip.

Well, back to puttering and catching up on TiVo. At least I can say that I’m getting a few organizational things done on my computer this afternoon.

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