My Sincerest Apologies

It has been brought to my attention that I’ve hurt someone I hold dear. And while personal apologies are a private matter, there is something of merit to the public apology, too.

First, I am extremely sorry for ever giving the impression that I would judge anyone for their own choices in the matters of weight loss, body image, and health decisions. For many people that I am close to, they’ve made the choice to take part in weight loss surgeries (of various forms). Now, sometimes people classify this choice as “the easy way out.” I am *NOT* one of those people. I think that notion is bunk.

Making a decision for surgery is NEVER an easy decision. And personally, I am not capable of choosing that route. To be honest, I think that life post-surgery sounds much more difficult than pre-surgery. I cannot imagine working as hard as many of my friends have to work, post surgery. These friends have made permanent life choices that were extremely difficult to make. And I am in awe of the work that goes into those decisions.

I also know that many of my friends have had various other health concerns over the years. I know people who deal with type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes, shots, insulin pumps, food modifications. I have several friends with varying levels of diagnosis with celiac disease, including extreme health implications from any cross-contaminating gluten. I have friends with varying fatigue syndromes, sensitivities to environmental factors, terrifying food allergies, joint issues, muscle degenerations, and other ailments. I have friends who’ve been infertile, lost pregnancies, lost children, lost siblings, lost parents, lost partners. I have friends who’ve endured cancer, chemotherapy, surgeries, recovery, and some who’ve lost their battles to cancer.

In all these years, I’m constantly amazed at the variety of burdens the human race must endure. I feel remarkably lucky some days, to have “only” endured as few burdens as I have. I cannot imagine the pain that some of my friends and family have endured.

And so this is where I would like to eat my own crow and apologize sincerely.

If I have caused you pain or harm as I struggle with escaping the diet industry for myself, please, I am so very sorry. I respect you all so much and I know that no one “has it easy.” Everyone has major pains and struggles. And I hope that I can support you, respect you, and avoid causing you pain.

I am sincerely sorry. I will be more considerate about sharing my suggestions, with the hopes that I can own my own suggestions as not being applicable to everyone.


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