My Shire rocks

Thu June 2 – Ah. The Shire meeting. I love my job, have I mentioned that lately? *grin* I love having the freedom to leave the office a little early so I can drive north through traffic and still make it to the business meeting on time. Not just “on time”—I was actually early this month.

Æduin, bless his heart, was inspired by my “smashed safety pins” method and has started making bent-wire straight pins. He returned the pins I had loaned Mary Taran two weeks ago at the tournament, and gave me a little canvas bag and five new pins. His pins are a little harder to use, since the sharp end was pinched into a tip by hand, and mine really are cut from safety pins that have that wonderfully sharp tip. But it was so sweet all the same, and I’m really impressed with his new pins project.

Getting early to the meeting was lovely, since the guys helped me shake out the tent I picked up and roll it up neatly to fit in the bag. The meeting was fun (as ever) and afterwards I joined some of the girls over coffee and then went across the street to join the guys for dessert.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my shire?

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