3 thoughts on “My Birthday, My Pelican’ing (with pics), and WWID?

  1. raventhourne says:

    Uhmmm…wow…just…wow. WWID???? **snerk**

    OMG…I’m speechless, blushing and crying at the same time. Thank you. Ivan says I’ve done my laurelly duty by inspiring someone!

    Wow… and aw..shucks.

    • Cat Ellen says:

      *laughs* I was wondering how long it would take you to see the post!! And I hope that Ivan helps pass on the “WWID?” phrase in your local area. *wink*

      You really do awesome things, my dear. I’ve enrolled in an historic (outside of SCA) sword-fighting class, and I’m actually tempted to dust off my bicycle again… partly because I’m inspired that you keep getting out there, pains and obstacles be damned. 😀

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