More Summing Up: Two Wedding Albums

More Summing Up: Two Wedding Albums – Huh. Look at that. I posted at midnight last night, and completely forgot to set up my link over here for the RSS feed and LJ. Oops, sorry! So…. I’ve been to four weddings this summer, for eight friends. Last night I managed to post the photo albums from the first two: Ann and DW’s wedding, and Matt and Tamara’s wedding. Bonus: The M&T album has links to three YouTube videos. Enjoy. (read more…)

3 thoughts on “More Summing Up: Two Wedding Albums

  1. hroar says:

    thats a lot of weddings! WoW!
    And I dont understand the techie stuff, bu ti am sure you mak ethe magic work!
    BTW,,completly off topic….but we have a mew mattish yellow, o fsorts and another yellowish glaze (has yellow in it). Wel be showing them on mugs at the Fiber workshop in August (cant think of the name of it; the on e with you, an d Flavia and John and Mariam, etc….)

      • hroar says:

        thank you so vvery much! for the life if me, I couldnt remebr the title..sigh. It felt right there at the tip of my brain, and I couldnt reach it.
        I think youre gonna really like these new colors and glazes..on eof th emain yellows is yellow on white clay, but on red clay, it breaks between yellow gold and red over texture.
        We got some fun stuff coming! 😎

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