More Music Memories

And the only note I made for Wed Jun 1st was:

Recently listed to: Prog Sampler made by my keyboard player when I first joined the band, including some great tunes by Ten Jinn, Echolyn, Isildurs Bane, and others I’ve seen play in Mexico at Baja Prog.

I’ve heard that Ten Jinn broke up, which is a bummer because I really liked them. And Isildurs Bane is *amazing*—too bad they’re from Sweden or something like that. But a rock and roll band with a mallet player? I’m in heaven.

Steve, my keyboardist, made me some ecclectic CD samplers to get a sense of the progressive music scene, and I still enjoy listening to them every now and then. I must have brought my bag-of-CDs to work back on June 1st, to have mixed up the sound tracks so much. *grin*

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