Metal Tongues and More Fuzzy Scarves

Metal Tongues and More Fuzzy Scarves – I make a scary admission that part of my tongue has gone numb and things taste metallic — which I only admit to you for help, not so you can shame me for not having a doctor or dealing with things. Please be gentle. And then I chat a tiny bit about visiting two relatives who aren’t doing well, and how for hours and hours all I did was visit and crochet. Two scarves done in one day, three scarves delivered total. (read more…)

2 thoughts on “Metal Tongues and More Fuzzy Scarves

  1. beathog says:

    Yes, please go to an Urgent Care. It is probably nothing serious, but it IS a good excuse for you to get back in touch with the medical profession! We had very sporatic medical insurance for years and years, with so many changes in aerospace, etc., so I truly understand your worries about finding a good, affordable doctor. We actually had a file at the local Urgent Care for several years and they also handled many family-type emergencies quite well.

    If this is a symptom of something that may become a serious condition, you are catching it early! If it is a minor condition, you will receive relief. If it is nothing at all, you will be so absolutely relieved and very happy to receive the news. No matter what the outcome, you will be glad you went to the doctor. 🙂


  2. teffan says:

    I’m gonna have to go with “see a doctor” on this one too – Urgent Care or the like, or randomly picking a doctor (sometimes you get lucky… and hey, some of them doctors are single! *wink*) I’m not a doctor but I’ve been sick a lot and visited a lot of them and my sister is a sort of health care professional… I’d almost chalk those symptoms up to a nerve problem or a nutritional deficiency of some sort (given the metallic taste). But doctors have actual tests for those kinds of things, and lots more knowledge than I have, so I’d go check with one of them 🙂 *hugs* and good luck!!!!

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