Manic Cleaning

Sat Jul 30 – What a lazy morning. It was very late when I finally got *some* of my kitchen bits, and so it was even later when I finally snuggled up in bed. But my roomie was *given* a copy of Harry Potter 6 (the other gal “didn’t like it” so she gave it away) and it was just sitting there in the living room, tempting me. So I stayed up for a little while reading, then finally passed out around 1 am.

This morning I got all my pantry foods moved from the cupboard that we’ve decided is actually going to be for dishes and over into my food cupboard. Then I got to have my first brewed cup of coffee in my new place. It was so nice to sit in the well-lit kitchen, nibbling reheated supper leftovers (my favorite breakfast), and sipping my coffee. One of the manager types came over to fix our front door (which had been sticking and it made horrible noises opening or closing), so I was pleased to be able to offer him a cup of coffee, too.

Over my breakfast, I sat comfortably reading more Harry Potter. Until I finally retired to the couch to read. Until I finally had to get up and get lunch to finish reading.

Yes, I finished the book. Yes, I wept a little. And I can’t wait to get all my boxes and things over to my apartment so I can dig out volumes 1-5 and re-read them again. There were so many things I’d forgotten along the way, that I plan to re-read all the books to make them flow in my head again. The reveal at the end was different than I was guessing all along, and now I’m curious if there were hints that I missed or if it was just a reveal that I couldn’t have guessed anyways.

Now that it’s a hot afternoon, I don’t *really* want to have to go pack boxes, but I really should. Then when evening comes, I can drive north in the nice cool air and stay in town with Dayle and Ken. Tomorrow Ken and I and Jeff are doing a walk-through, to plan where all the pavilions will be set up in September, and then I’ll head over to Jan’s and go see Wizard of Oz. My nieces are in the show, too, so I’m really looking forward to it all.
* * * * *

My sister called later in the day, and it turns out that my nieces’ dad is also in the play (my former bro-in-law). And with the shuffle of comp tickets and tickets the girls earned in a raffle, opening night tonight and the matinee tomorrow, it was looking like I might not have a ticket after all. Unless, my former-bro-in-law suggested, I want to come backstage and be his makeup artist. Then he can get me in for free, and the people he gave my ticket to can keep using my (free) ticket. So I’ll let you all know later whether I had to be a pinch-hit makeup artist for the show tomorrow. *grin* Hmm, I wonder if I should go grab my theatre makeup box from the old apartment. (You just *knew* I owned one, right?)

Well, I finally forced myself to go out, even in all the heat, and pack the rest of my kitchen stuff from the old place. It was kinda fun hanging out with the former roomies. Hopefully they’ll have a weekend free for the three of us to drive up and see Wizard of Oz together. Mer was my theatre partner a few times over the past year, and I’d like to be able to take her to the show in August.

I got 2 of the 3 boxes washed and put away in the kitchen at the new place. I own more coffee cups than I thought I did. I got all the mugs and plates washed and put away, and then the silverware put into the drawer divider. Then it was time for dinner. Have I mentioned lately how much I love where I live? I was able to just walk 5 or 7 minutes, have a lovely sit down dinner (with an unending glass of cold diet coke), and a nice walk back again. I feel like I’m starting to give back to the traffic, with all my walking to the shopping center. Of course, I still drive more than most, but I’m adding walking to my weekly routine and it feels really great.

You know, sometimes my “cleaning around the house” energy gets a little bit manic (stop laughing! really! no, really!) and tonight was no exception. On the walk back from dinner I thought about my personal motivational phrase, “Do One New Thing” and wondered if I’d really done that today. Sure, I had brought three boxes of kitchen stuff home, but I still *added* to the mess by leaving one box out on the kitchen table. And my room still wasn’t different and better today. So I started tackling the apartment and managed to get the DVD hooked up, all the shelves put together on the bedroom bookcases, books picked up and put away on the shelves, the credenza set up where it belongs, half my laundry put away, the house vacuumed, the sewing table put back into the living room, the third kitchen box washed and put away, the water bottles put away above the refrigerator, and all the rest of the dishes put away. We still haven’t run out of room in the kitchen cupboards, which is really encouraging.

And now I can pack some clothes for tomorrow and drive up to Dayle’s place. Catch you all later!

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