Lists of Skills for Living

Lists of Skills for Living – First, there was list explosion. Then there was “Condense a List” as a skill. My core ideas boil down to “Find it, make it, fix it, clean it, use it” and then categories for “Food, Shelter, Clothing, People, Transportation, and Beauty.” The rest is just commentary. (read more…)

4 thoughts on “Lists of Skills for Living

  1. archerpren says:

    you version of the list

    woe. woe to me. i am an incompitent human being.
    *in the food department i CAN bake bread and put out a fire (thank god. im good at that one)
    *im good on the shelter list except for bank coals (i dont know what that even means) and ply cord (but i can braid. is that the same thing?)
    *im good in the clothes to. i have never woven but i get the idea. i could figure it out i think
    *people- i think i can do all those. keep quiet would be hard. and although i have taken survival and many classes on fixing up injusred people, i am dismal in an emergency situation. one drop of blood and im out like a light.
    *transport- i can NOT run a mile
    *Beauty – Sing (if noones listening), tell a story (not on the spot), write a poem (never), write in a fancy hand (calligraphy, decoration)(nope), dance (YAY! I GOT ONE), take a photo, wrap a present, tie a bow…
    i think my list would say
    1) be cute, flirt with boys, get them to do it all for you.
    the end
    hahahaha jk but isnt that an easier list. am i missing the point of this? jk

  2. archerpren says:

    oh i forgot to say. do you have a button at your other blog where when you comment you can get the othercomments sent to your email? i have one on blogspot but i cant see anything like that in your comment area. just wonderin :0)

    • Cat Ellen says:

      The point of my list wasn’t “Everyone should do everything” but “hey, my brain went crazy thinking of all kinds of things people might suggest are important skills.” And then I condensed it down to “You should consider whether you can find something, or make something, or fix something, or clean something, or use something.” It’s a good place to start, looking for where your skills currently are strong and what you might like to improve or learn.

      The clothing one, when it comes to weaving, is really more of the brainstorming for “if the world ended and there were no more stores, how would you make more cloth?” Someone would need to weave. It’s a good skill to acquire.

      To bank coals means if you had a fireplace and you needed to keep the “coals banked” so that they are good for fire-starting in the morning…. I grew up in snow country, and I could bury the glowing embers neatly enough in the ash so that in the morning I could uncover them and start the next fire without any matches. I’m a HIGHLY skilled fire chica. 🙂

      Running a mile is a skill I still need to acquire.

      I included the “Beauty” category because I think people need beauty and joy in their lives, and having some skill at adding to beauty and joy and those artistic graces improves the world around them. I have great optimism that people can actually sing and dance and create more than they think they can.

      The JournalScape side does not have email notification for comments. It’s one reason the LJ friends often comment over here. But the JS version is catering to my Mom, who’s not on LJ. And she probably doesn’t need to read my friends list on LJ. *grin*

  3. czina says:

    While reading through your lists of things – I realize: Red and I make the perfect survivalist! He can do many/most of the things on the list, and I can do pretty much the things he can’t. We can both do many of the things, of course.

    So – the moral: I need to be with Red to survive 🙂 Good thing we’re married, and all. Oh yeah – and we can help repopulate the world after the armageddon, too 😛 (it’s all part of the plan to have Bean and Aurora take over the world!)

    Oh yeah – one little ‘tweak’ to your list: I think you mean ‘change a flat tire’, rather than repair it. Cuz I can change tires with the best of them – but I can’t repair the flat tire, unless it can be MacGyver’d with bubblegum, or something.

    But great list to think about – and if it challenges you to learn something to fill a gap: good for you! I’m not sure I could run a mile – but I could walk it and more if I had to.

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