Lists and More Lists (long)

Lists and More Lists (long) – Post-weekend full of events, I started to revisit a discussion with an SCA friend of mine, chock full of goals and projects. In the course of writing that email, several lists started to emerge: Commentary on how my participation in the SCA has had a perspective shift this year, major goals I thought of on the ride home from Coronation/Queen’s Champion, and some of the immediate SCA projects I’m planning for the next twelve months, and a little bit later (like the next five years or so). (read more…)

5 thoughts on “Lists and More Lists (long)

  1. cealfind says:

    Actually, I have decided I would rather just get that dementional door built in my closet, than migrate all my friends here. That way I get to see new places, but much easier.

  2. aliskye says:

    Weird. I posted a comment on your other journal but it didn’t show up.

    I think long drives post-events are great for running introspective dialogs of where am I/where do I want to be. I know I did the same thing on the way home from QC. And came to some similar conclusions at least as far as really wanting some new clothes to wear.

    I think it’s great that you’ve outlined what you want to do and how you feel you fit in. I find I need to sort of reinvent myself every few years when the familiar gets old, but I tend to eventually swing back to my first loves in the SCA.

    If you need any help with scribal stuff, let me know! I’d be delighted to help.

    • Cat Ellen says:

      Several friends and I joke about post-event energy and planning. It’s universal.

      As for the scribal stuff… you know about the one request I have. *shhh!* But I’ll be happy to talk to you about the other ones more offlist, since one of them should be easy to do as my “first scroll” and get done by Coronation-next, which is my goal. The other I’ll need to sign up for, since the sooper-seekrit one I’m already signed up for, officially.

      Right now, I’m paper-hunting.

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