Late night cleaning, hostessing

Fri Aug 12 (early morning Sat) – I’m not certain how late Dayle and Ken will get here tonight, but I’ve probably hit my limit (at 1 am) on the cleaning and organizing I can handle tonight.

I had to stay late at work in order to check a proof copy of a manual at Kinko’s before heading home. So when I finally got out of the office and on my way, it was easily after 7:30 pm. Too bad, too, since my boss was making noises about letting me leave at 3 in the afternoon originally.

But I got over to Target for guest sheets and guest towels (if I still own any, Lord knows where they are in my boxes), and then over to Bristol Farms to pick up some breakfast foods for my house guests. I got to relax in front of the TV with my heated leftovers from last night’s dinner, then it was back to work on my apartment.

I’m actually really glad I sat in front of the TV because I found out why the cable and TiVo weren’t talking before, and now it’s all fixed again. So I took the time to program which channels I actually get and strip out the channels I have no interest in receiving. Now when I browse, I’ll really only hit channels I can stand to glimpse. Nice!

Then I found the “Show Tunes” music channel, left it playing in the background, and started cleaning and organizing. I managed to clear all the common space in my bedroom, put the fresh sheets on the bed, cut all the tags on the new towels and lay them out, move my bedding out to the couch, hook up the phone, clear the voicemail (which was filled with telemarketers already), move my desk 3 inches over so the floor lamp would have room next to my desk, and generally shift boxes and office supplies all over the place until it really looks like a bedroom again, and not just a jumbled mess.

It still sort of looks like a bedroom in a cave in a garage full of boxes, but it’s my lovely bedroom in a cave, so there. *grin*

Now it’s getting too late to stay up any longer, so g’night my dears.
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