2 thoughts on “Invention vs. Methodologies, Forming the Plans

  1. archerpren says:

    I AM THE ANTITHESIS OF CLUTTER. oohh all caps. oops :0)

    i throw stuff out or give it away too quick and then a week later im like DANG! i shoudla kept that. hahaha. i can NOT think if there are things not in there place. its like ocd or something.

    i like your ideas for evaluating if something is good to keep or not. i really like your log it idea too! well thought out ma’am.

    another good rule of thumb is that if you havent used it or worn it in a year. you probably never will. there is a reason its gone neglected. its uncomfortable, or its been broken and if you havent fixed it yet you probably wont. etc. good luck with your declutterfication!

  2. amberdisa says:

    Two responses from a fellow clutterbug struggling with moving into a new house:

    “Have nothing in your life that you do not a) know to be useful or b) believe to be beautiful.” (don’t know who said it, sorry) Those two measurements cover a LOT of stuff, and are a good a litmus test to determine the things you really need to have.

    Are you familiar with David Allen’s Getting Things Done methodology? The reason you like cookbooks et al is probably because you can read a bunch, synthesize them in your head, and then come up with something that is uniquely you but informed and influenced by all the other methods put together. David Allen has given me some tools in the past, although I am also unable to follow his prescriptions exactly 🙂

    Best of luck. You’re always so inspiring!

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