Incremental Updates: Part 1 – The Apprenticing

Incremental Updates: Part 1 – The Apprenticing – I’m way behind again (big surprise), but I’ve been working on some incremental story-telling for you all. First, I worked on some super-secret projects to give to Tonwen, then there was a Hogwarts party, then I became an Apprentice. And guess what? There’s a YouTube video of me singing! Hee hee! (read more)

P.S. I did some of those LJ Santa thingies, and one of them came back:

Last week I helped elmunadi hide a body (-173 points).

Gee, Tonwen. Sorry about that. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Incremental Updates: Part 1 – The Apprenticing

  1. elmunadi says:

    Helping your Grandmaster at an important task is something that should *never* lose you points… unless you get caught.

    You *did* wash the blender and bleach the aprons, didn’t you?


    • Cat Ellen says:

      The blender is clean (and bleached), and drying neatly in the rack with the coffee cups. The aprons have been scrubbed, bleached, rinsed, washed a second time (just to make sure the bleach doesn’t eat away at the aprons themselves, those were good aprons!), and they’re hanging to air dry now (makes ’em smell nice and fresh). And the front step has been swept.

      {grins back}

      • elmunadi says:

        OK, now here’s the pop quiz… (hands you a sprayer full of Luminal and a UV lamp).

        (Still, I’m not sure that a failed turducken counts as a body… but, what-evah)


        • Cat Ellen says:

          I know that “wikipedia does not equal research” but here’s a note:

          Luminol has some drawbacks that may limit its use in a crime scene investigation:
          * Luminol also fluoresces in the presence of copper or an alloy of copper, horseradish, and certain bleaches; and as result if a crime scene is thoroughly cleaned with a weak bleach solution (5-6 drops per L), residual bleach will cause the entire crime scene to fluoresce, effectively camouflaging any organic evidence, such as blood.

          We’re good, Grandmaster. *returns tools of pop quiz*

  2. czina says:

    You’re Sheep song made the airwaves here in Bjornsborg, Ansteorra (San Antonio, TX) – the link was posted to the group’s e-list, and there was much amusement 🙂

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