If Your Life Was a Movie, What Would the Soundtrack Be?

Gakked from operagirl25 (and several other friends)

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that’s playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don’t lie and try to pretend you’re cool…

Opening Credits: Hamlin’s Requiem, Minstrels of Mayhem (Capn Lot’s Bardic Album) (The town needs to be rid of rats, stiffs the bard, and is left with no cats and plague and death. I’m worried about this movie, except that I’m both the bard and the cat. Yoikes.)

Waking Up: Path of Thorns, Sarah McLachlan (Mirrorball)

First Day At School: Give It Away, Michael W. Smith (The First Decade) (It’s not what you think… Selfless love, giving away your life for someone else)

Puppy Love: Pretty Good Year, Tori Amos (Under the Pink)

Fight Song: Between a Man and a Woman, Kate Bush (The Sensual World) (hee hee)

Breaking Up: The Night Goes On, Shaw / Blades (My Hallucination)

Prom: Hoochie Woman, Tori Amos (The Beekeeper) (too funny… no wonder I didn’t go to Prom!)

Life is Good: The Dreaming, Kate Bush (The Whole Story)

Driving: Data, Indigo Girls (1200 Curfews [Disc 2]) (this is a GREAT driving song!!!)

Flashback: Top of the City, Kate Bush (The Red Shoes) (I even know which flashback scene this is: This song is always San Francisco at night in a little convertible blue Miata with Steph)

True Love: Hide and Seek, ani difranco (Living in Clip [Disc 1] [Live]) (this is just plain disturbing)

Wedding: Thick as Thieves, Natalie Merchant (Ophelia)

Moment of Triumph: I Wanted To Tell You, Matthew Sweet, (Girlfriend)

Death Scene: Somewhere Further South, Gravity Willing (Requia) (A Death Scene that comes from an album called Requia? Who could have planned this on shuffle? Opening lyrics: “I wished her dreams tonight, full moons and blue half-light, shadows fallen low” …And this band is broken up after only one CD, which is a death scene in itself)

Funeral Song: Mouse, Forever Twelve (Spark of Light) (Wow, I get to sing my own funeral song? At least it has my favorite lyrics bridge I’ve ever written: the shattered fairy tales (check Forever Twelve for the lyrics))

End Credits: This War, Sting (Sacred Love)

3 thoughts on “If Your Life Was a Movie, What Would the Soundtrack Be?

  1. capnlot says:

    just a quick note:
    Hamlin’s Requiem, is about a town with a bunch of rats, a piper pipes away all the rats, the mayor stiffs him, so he leaves the town with no children (“pipes the kiddies”, not “pipes the kitties”). Sound familiar? It’s the story of the Pied Piper. 🙂

    • Cat Ellen says:

      And here I thought he piped away the kitties, so all the rats kept all the plague in town and all the children died. Didn’t realized he piped away the kiddies themselves. And yes, of course I caught the Pied Piper bits.

      Aren’t we nervous that my life as a soundtrack might start with Hamlin’s Requiem for the Opening Credits? That shuffle on iPod is a little too sentient some days. *giggle*

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