Here We Go

Here We Go – Ah, the life of a contractor. My 3-year contract ends, with my last official day of work being Thursday, June 2, 2011. Time to hunt! So, tomorrow morning I leave for a 5-day dance conference. Nicely timed. *grin* (read more…)

One thought on “Here We Go

  1. Anonymous says:

    My brother ran a marathon once. He trained for it for a very long time before hand and was the very last one to finish (at least the last person before all the officials went home.) And he never ran again after that which I thought was a little sad. He was supposed to run with a friend (I don’t quite remember if the friend didn’t make it that day or was running faster) but that didn’t happen, so the entire family (we were following him in a car) got out to run with him at various times during the race. But he did finish.

    I’d suggest looking at groups like LA Runners. They are down at Santa Monica boardwalk all the time on Saturday mornings. I’d also suggest getting fitted for good running shoes by professionals.

    And I’d really suggest training for and running a 5k before signing up for a marathon.

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