Girls’ Night In

Fri June 3 – I would call work uneventful, and then my evening was really just filled with good friends. Mel threw a little girls-night party this evening, including friends from her SCA household, her sister, and two friends from work. They made cookies with this elaborate electronic pastry-shooter (that’s the best way I can describe it) and we sat around watching “Bridget Jones’ Diary” (the first one) over pizza, drinks, cookies, and frosting. It was really fun, and it’s been forever since I sat around watching movies with friends.

Lilya also came over late this evening, since I’ll be driving her to Coronation tomorrow. We tried to slip out after the movie to get my laundry from war done (finally) but the laundromat apparently *does* have business hours after all. So I plan to sneak out early (6 am) to do the laundry myself, and then come wake up Lilya so we can get on the road.

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