Food and Weight and Bad History

Food and Weight and Bad History – This entry is not for everyone. If you have no interest in reading about eating disorders, weight gain and loss, and all that crap in my head, please accept a hug from me and I’ll see you next journal post. If you really do want to read this, it includes the poor behaviors of my junior high and high school years (with regards to obsession with weight and food), things I learned in my college years, the recovery attitudes I’ve adopted since then, and my successful jaunts running this week for exercise. (read more…)

6 thoughts on “Food and Weight and Bad History

  1. zhiversten says:

    Your self-control is truly admirable. I have a terrible time breaking bad habits, and the fact that you are able to just *stop* when you want to is incredible. You are also one of many people I know who has started running on a regular basis, so I think I have to jump on board. My motivation and goals are different, but knowing that there are other people out there doing the same thing makes me think I can do it, too. So congratulations on your effort, and thank you for the inspiration!

  2. hroar says:

    I am very intersested, an dI am very veyr impressed!
    Way to go!
    Food an dour relationship wiht it is so fascinating. And so complex, how we have to treat it.
    It is like walking into the Lions Den several times a day. One can stop eating, one can stop using drugs, you CANT stop eating.
    Myself, I treat i tlike being an alcoholic.

  3. amberdisa says:

    Word, sister! Word up.

    I’m struggling with something similar right now. According to the Marine Corps, I’m ten pounds overweight — and because of their outdated body fat measurement system, I am also 3% over their max allowable body fat percentage. *facepalm*

    Good on you for walking. Keep it up! Your example actually prompted me to get my lazy butt out on a walk yesterday too… You might enjoy some of the bodyweight exercise guys: Google Matt Furey (spastic bombastic but his exercises are good) or Ross Enamait (rather fighting-oriented but his Never Gymless is great). Ignore all of the screaming marketroid babble and just do the exercises. Also, if you’re not familiar with Krista Scott-Dixon over at, you *really* should check her out.

    I’m struggling to find the resolve amidst all my current life-change stress to get myself back exercising, and it helps to read about your successes!

    Hugs and good wishes…

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