Fitness Notes from Thursday

Afternoon Thoughts – Tonight: 1.5 to 2.5 hours of dance; need to do 30 min of walking. Here’s me committing to it on my fitocracy feed! My thought: Put the laundry in, go do my walk. *fingers crossed*

Logged ActivityWalking: Distance 1.29 mi, Pace 23:10 min/mi, Duration 30:00, Speed 2.59 mi/hr
Belly Dancing: Moderate 30 min, Intense! 90 min: New recruits @7pm, focus on Turkish Shimmy Pass & Shoulder Shimmy Lead Change. Troupe Reh @8pm, Duet Passes, Lead Changes, & Fades both Lvl2&3.

Reflections – Did it. Wk#1 prelim marathon training requires a 30min moderate walk 3x/wk. Tonight, did walk #1 Wk#1. Ankles settled in after 18 min. Lower back was sore, but that might have been the Barrel Rolls in Troupe Rehearsal tonight. Definitely need good shoes.

If you’re on fitocracy and would like to follow me, you’ll find me here:

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