Finishing Friday

Fri Jul 29 – Big weekend, big month ahead. Enough to make me start making long lists and calendars to make certain I get everything done, and all done in time.

We’re planning a house-warming in two weeks, so the new place needs to look good. (And I have to finish putting together the invitation list, the maps, the directions, and get them all sent out tomorrow!) There’s a tournament next Saturday, so I won’t be doing much weekend moving or cleaning then. And this weekend just got filled up with seeing some friends on Saturday, a walk-through for the site (in September) on Sunday, and going to see live theatre Sunday afternoon. Then the pace never slows during the week, since I’ll be hosting Lilya for a few days, to get help on the packing and cleaning, and the rest of my life still has to be kept up, too. Whew!

I did manage to update some of the theatre pages today, balance my checkbook, and pay a few bills. Plus I “won” an auction (okay, “bought” an item) on eBay today, so I’ll finally have a keyboard for my Palm/Clié. Didn’t win the bid for the medieval thimble, but that was just a luxury fun item so it’s not that big of a deal.
* * * * *

I did get over to the old place after work, where I boxed up three totes from the kitchen. All the rest of my dry goods in the pantry, everything from the fridge and freezer, and a few odds and ends. I’ll go back tomorrow morning to get dishes and pots & pans.

Once everything was put away, just a quick walk through the magical transporation gate, and a short shopping trip through the 24-hour drugstore next to the Borders. Now it’s time to either sit up reading for a bit or just crashing right away. G’night dearhearts.
* * * * *

P.S. The journalscape site was down last night, so I was lucky I caught a quick copy-paste before losing everything. But now after a quick reboot Saturday afternoon, I’m able to post last night’s entry.

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