Don’t Forget the TV

Tue Jul 19 – Wow, yesterday I felt icky in the morning, had a migraine by 10, had nausea after lunch, and then felt fine. Late last night and all this morning I’ve had a sniffly nose and lots of sneezes, almost like I’m allergic to something. (The heat?)

* * * * *
This designing websites thing is starting to blossom. My mom just wrote today to see if I’d be interested in working on my sister’s ex-husband’s sports camp site. Maybe Hope and I need to get that business up and running soon? I wonder what we could charge for website design and maintenance? It might be enough to at least pay for our hosting arrangements and a few fabric purchases for our costuming. We’ll have to look into that!

* * * * *
You know, if I had thought about it, I would have remembered that “When the cable guy comes to install your cable, you really ought to have a TV there to test the signal.” Silly me, I remembered to have my laptop with me, but forgot my TV.

Fortunately my old and new apartments are only about 5 miles apart, and the cable guy had some wire trimming to do anyways. So while he cut the wires and trimmed everything out neatly, I drove back, unplugged everything, carried the TV down to the car, drove back again, and wandered in with a TV. Of course, my original rule of thumb when I bought my tiny set was “If I can carry it alone, I can buy it.” This rule has been very helpful on many occasions!

I’m pleased to say we have successfully gotten internet and cable signal! Yippee!

(And I’ve already confirmed that of the two wireless signals in the building, one of them is not secured, and I could get online with that one. *wry grin*)

* * * * *
I’ve moved all my clothing and all my shower supplies to the new place, which is making me feel like maybe I should actually sleep here, too. Maybe I’ll spend a week on the floor with pillows and blankets (until I can move the bed and the mattress with the U-Haul on Sunday). I’m waffling on the idea, but most of my night/morning things are here at the new place, so I’m leaning toward it. *smile*

All that’s left now is the monotony of packing, lifting, moving, reorganizing. The organizing part sounds lovely, although until the big furniture is here, it’s fairly difficult to do. Without bookcases, organizing books on the floor is silly.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Forget the TV

  1. Hope says:

    More business, eh? LOL! Would be so fab to do enough to pay for hosting… and a bit o’ cloth. We’ll have to talk more dahling!

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