Does Filing Work Like Hangars?

You know the old saying that if you leave empty wire hangars in the closet, unchecked, they multiple when you’re not looking? I got that feeling last night when I started digging into the filing that had piled up around my home. I’ve got some major furniture re-arrangements going on, and so there were several piles of paper that just got shuttled around from shelf to shelf until their “real home” was decided.

Well, I decided that part of my cleaning-up-after-the-event-activities would be to put away my filing. Finished up one pile, looked around, noticed another one, flipped through it and found “Hmm, I don’t remember having two piles of filing-yet-to-do.” Finished up the second pile, looked around, found another one that was also just normal filing, sat and finished it, too. Looked around and… You get the picture. Hours and hours later, I had so much put away, so many clean and empty shelves, and a really small “To-Do” pile left on my desk. Pretty cool.

The only drawback was that I was wired at 2 am from all the industriousness of cleaning, and I just couldn’t stop and go to sleep.

* * * * *

Yesterday there was no journal entry, because yesterday was a Migraine Day. It always amuses me that I don’t recognize a headache at first when I’m sleeping and one starts to come on. I toss and turn, confused and perplexed, until I finally wake enough to say, “Oh, take something for the pain and this will get better.” I came into work after lunch with this summary: It’s amazing what Meds, a Nap, Food, Coffee, and more Meds will do for you. Ah, better living through chemical engineering.

* * * * *

My roomies brought down the big moving truck full of Geoff’s stuff, and I hear that the garage is filled to the brim. But the new exciting thing for me is that I’m getting a loft bed frame from Geoff, custom-made by him. And he’s even offered to set it up for me, while I’m away camping with friends this weekend. It was nice to see that he seemed to be in good humor about it all, and I’m very thankful that he’s offered to assemble it.

* * * * *
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