Daddy-do is gone

My father died suddenly on Sunday. He’d gone into the hospital on Saturday morning for a sharp pain in his back, thinking “maybe it’s just a kidney stone.” They diagnosed an aneurysm in his aorta (pressing on his kidney, which was how he felt it) and scheduled the cardiac work-up for the next morning, intending surgery to put in a stent. The aneurysm burst in the night. My step-mom was there, holding his hand when he left us.

People (of course) keep asking me how I’m doing. I suppose I’m still somewhat stunned. Sunday was the hardest day, day one of my loss. This week has been odd since I cannot afford time off from work. I’m in the office every day, trying my best. My sister is the choreographer for a show and she’s stuck in rehearsals all week. So although I might have visited with her after work, she’s not home until after 10:30 pm. Instead, I’ve been going to my dance classes, because what else will I do with my time? Dancing, sweating, working, distracting, and getting hugs from several dozen very close dancer friends. That’s all I’ve got right now, plus my Sweetie, who’s been amazing.

I started drafting a eulogy yesterday. Dad’s obituary was printed today. I fly back to Ohio on Monday evening next week, the funeral is Tuesday, I fly back home on Wednesday. Also, Social media is very weird.

22 thoughts on “Daddy-do is gone

  1. Sharon Cummings says:

    Thanks for posting the link to his obit. It is nice to see that donations are being made to Wounded Warriors. I am still wanting to hug you — we both need the hugs. I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable with my presence at the funeral, so I am staying here, but I will be at the family gathering next weekend after you get back. I love you! Mom

  2. Betty McGlothlin Seeley says:

    Dear Cat,
    Your father is still with you… he will always be with you. He is a part of you… in your mind, your heart, your soul! He hears you sing, he sees you dance, he watches you spin, he watches over you. Close your eyes and feel his embrace. You have his joy of life, his love of people, his sense of adventure! Someday the sunshine will dry your tears and you will be happy again! Meanwhile, know we ALL love you, and we miss him too! Love, Betty

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