Comments, Renaissance Women, and my Election Day

Comments, Renaissance Women, and my Election Day – I found myself wistfully longing for journal comments, which surprised me. I read some quotes that have me thinking about all the skills I need to be a fully Renaissance Women (in the classic definition). And I narrate a bit about “How I Spent My Election Day” without too much more excessive commentary on elections. Okay, one tiny bit on the end of the post, but not that much. (read more…)

4 thoughts on “Comments, Renaissance Women, and my Election Day

  1. ladymora says:

    I like that blog post! I’m so all about being a renaissance woman myself…if there’s a skill, I want to have it. 🙂

    I shall ponder such a list, and post.


  2. zhiversten says:

    For the record, I had a great time browsing through all your photos. Actually, I always look forward to your photo updates because you take good pictures of people I care about!

  3. archerpren says:

    i really like lynns list although i cant really do anything she put on there. i am also quite usless at most of the things on the other lists too. hahaha i have a question why on earth would you NEED to know how to dehydrate a tomato? and also:

    “This is my opinion. I’ll fight for your right to disagree. I’ll fight for our rights to speak our disagreements. However, all vandalism and violence is abhorrent. If you feel the need to vandalize or lash out in your opinion, please feel free to destroy your own property, not mine.”

    most brilliant thing i have read all day. thanks for that.

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