Cars of Splendoor and Clean Homes

Cars of Splendoor and Clean Homes – So I reveal one little problem with my car (the speedometer/odometer stopped working early this month), but then I reveal that I’m still getting over 40 miles to the gallon, so can you blame me for loving my car so much? Then I report that I’m still successfully cleaning my house a little every day, which just makes me so happy. (read more…)

5 thoughts on “Cars of Splendoor and Clean Homes

  1. raventhourne says:

    Honda Fit is GO!

    Seriously…5 or more of my friends have gotten one on our recommendation. We are very much in luv with ours and always recommend them over the (cheap looking) Aveo and the (ass ugly) yaris…we get about 35 mpg…even loaded.

    BTW, I might be at Mists Coronation…just saying.

    • Cat Ellen says:

      *whine* But I get over 40 mpg now! I don’t wanna go down to just 35 mpg! *whine, whimper, and other silliness*

      Hmm, Mists Coronation. Hmm. Gracious. My calendar is actually open that day. Dude. I think the Bard of Caid might have to go see the Bard of the West become a Princess!!!

  2. czina says:

    You know, you have the car that I DREAMED about getting when I was in high school. I thought the Festiva was the coolest little car around. Of course – I had no money, so my mom bought me a 2 door Escort stick.

    But I always loved the look of the Festiva – only in Red, cuz that’s the color car I would love to have, if given the chance.

    Of course – I’m now fond of the Explorer for 2 kids and events – but we lived for years with a little ‘zoom zoom’ car.

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