Boxes and more boxes

Mon Jul 25 – Wow, am I sore and tired today! Mel “kicked my behind” yesterday with the move. She’s got unfailing energy, which can only rub off for so long. And so today I’m paying for trying to keep up.

After work, I got home at a decent hour and tackled the living room. I got one of the bookcases put together and then started opening boxes. I got probably five boxes unpacked (almost exclusively books) and sorted some boxes to other rooms for later. Then finally headed out to get laundry done and grab some dinner. Rounded the trip out with a jaunt over to the old place to get our dish soap and fill a couple of boxes with food from my pantry.

My friend Lilya lives up the road about 30 minutes, so I grabbed my finished laundry and went to hang out with her for a while. We got to work on some of her projects, catch up on life, and I got all my laundry folded. We talked a lot longer than I was expecting to, and after being there from 10-midnight, it was time to try and get home. I did have to stop and take a nap, rather than drive tired, but all was well.

This morning I was able to unpack the pantry, shower, dress, and it’s time to head to work. Catch you all later!
* * * * *

By the way, “Welcome!” to several aunties and uncles who’ve subscribed to my journal. Nice to have you here!

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