Back to the journaling method

A dear friend of mine has been using Journal Scape successfully for years now, and I finally thought this morning, “Gee, some friends have been bugging me to get back to journaling again.”

So I’ll be not only trying to give little daily updates from here on out, but trying to move my old archives over here one by one.

Life’s been really great in the new job—today marks five full weeks at the new place! In week three I managed to work out at the gym 3x, week four 3x in the gym, and week five just once so far but I’m planning to go today as well.

Most of my brain conversations lately have included all the sane and healthy steps to putting my life back into a normal routine again. I’m glad for my experience on the government subcontract job, and certainly love the Excel-guru skills I picked up, but I’m relieved to be back into a normal public-sector job, back on the career I was doing three years ago, and in a fantastic company where there are gazillions of benefit. It’s really encouraging to be back in an encouraging environment. *phew*

So, here’s to being sane and balanced and organized again!

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