As the Year Winds Down

Some of my friends have been citing me as the reason they have considered a word for the year (rather than resolutions). I dug up my list of words, to be thoughtful for my last week of the year before making some plans for 2019.

2017: GOALS: achieved by finding both TIME and SPACE
2016: HABITS
2015: MASTERY (and COLOR) + “Finish the Unfinished Objects”
2014: CREATE
2013: FOCUS
2012: DANCE

I’m not sure how much I really focused on #Practice this past year. Sometimes my theme word gets me started right and then fades away. Other times, my theme word stays close to every part of my year.

I turned 50 in September, and it really does feel very different to be a fledgling 50-something than it felt to be a 40-something. But I’m not entirely sure how I want that to guide me or inform me in 2019.

Also, 2018 was difficult in other ways–the political climate both domestically and abroad–and my political awareness continues to feel bombarded by the news. I’ll find myself fantasizing about studying other languages so that I can fluently survive somewhere else, not trapped in the US as an only-English-speaking American. The Boyo is in his upper-division years at college, so there’s a time somewhat soon when Sweetie and I could make any move or change we want, based on our goals, not the Boyo’s.

Balancing all these thoughts, it’s an odd week now before New Year’s.

Here, please enjoy a selection of photos of me from 2018

3 thoughts on “As the Year Winds Down

  1. Sharon D Cummings says:

    Yea! I made the photos! I know how busy you all have been. I hope you have time to relax and breathe. We can do lunch (or dinner) after you catch your breath! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Traci Eaton says:

    Might I suggest “Future”. Are there things to do and places to be and new skills to attain during your 50s so that the decades to come have direction and purpose and capability despite the inroads that old age (80-90) can make in the blink of an eye. Dream, research, make tentative plans and be ready to “do” when the opportunity presents itself. Happy New Year!

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