An LJ-only Moment

Helllllllooooo my flist! I am just going to WAX POETIC about how much I adore my new job. Adore, adore, ADORE! And it’s not just that I’m no longer driving 4+ hours per day. I just love, Love, LOVE being here.

Okay, that’s not really “waxing poetic” but a quick summary to say this job is awesome. I’ve been caught up on Twitter, caught up on Facebook, caught up on Google Reader, caught up on nearly all my email (mailing lists don’t really count) and thinking, “what else did I use to read on da interwebz?” That’s when I realized LJ! I’d been neglecting you all! Bad me. *grin*

So, just wanted to say, “hi, I’m not dead yet,” and I hope to be able to participate in all your awesome journaling communication regularly again. Woot!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love my new job?

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