A call-and-response

Gacked from lj user cavalaxis … which means I’m trying to work on my #8 answers for her:

If you comment on this post:
1. I’ll respond with something random about you
2. I’ll challenge you to try something
3. I’ll pick a color that I associate with you
4. I’ll tell you something I like about you
5. I’ll tell you my first/clearest memory of you
6. I’ll tell you what animal you remind me of
7. I’ll ask you something i’ve always wanted to ask you
8. If I do this for you, you must post this on yours

23 thoughts on “A call-and-response

    • Cat Ellen says:


      1. I have photos where you’re in the background at an SCA event from =BEFORE= I ever met you!
      2. Bring your flute to some events and play with me sometime
      3. Deep velvety green
      4. I love your sunny disposition and creativity
      5. Not one of my earliest, but I have a very vivid memory of my first WhiteStar rapier practice where we went walking together and “filing” homemade knitting needles on the concrete
      6. A chinchilla — cute, adorable, and plush fur for decadent yarns. Did you know (that according to wikipedia) “This peculiar rodent is also studied by linguists due to its aural range of perception” — cool, huh?
      7. You can chat with me offlist about this, but I really want to hear more about your ideas about converting to Judaism.

    • Cat Ellen says:


      1. I am facinated by how many songs you know, and want you to teach me more of them!
      2. Come pick out some hair pieces (I just acquired nine more!) and let’s dye them to match your hair and build some wild SCA hair extensions for you… we could sew them to a turban or scarf and do some great braids with them!!
      3. Fire-spectrums: Maroon and Red and Orange and Purple, all blended together like a gorgeous variegated yarn (probably like the merino I’m blending for my sweater project)
      4. I adore your intellect and the way you grapple with the world–there is nothing “complacent” about you
      5. Actually, my strongest memories now are affected by the photos I have of you, looping on my iPod, desktop, and screensaver: You, proudly displaying your home-spun and dyed yarns (I think I have three different photos of you posing like this)
      6. A phoenix–fire, bird, power, renewal, strength
      7. When are you going to come perform in the Bardic Concerts with me?

      • cavalaxis says:

        Re: cavalaxis!

        1. That’d be so very cool. I want to learn your song book too!
        2. That’d be AWESOME.
        3. Yay!
        4. I can dig that. I wouldn’t mind trying some complacent sometimes…
        5. Yes, but when is your first memory of me?
        6. o_0
        7. Hee. Concerts. I’d really like that. I think Alys and you and I should do some three part harmony.

        • Cat Ellen says:

          Re: cavalaxis!

          1. So now we’ll have to schedule some time to start memorizing each others’ brains, hmm? *giggle*
          2. Will you be at Principality tourney?
          5. I’ll have to think on this for QUITE a while, because I’m drawing a blank.
          6. Is that a quizzical look?
          7. Let’s sign up for the next concerts together!

          • cavalaxis says:

            Re: cavalaxis!

            2. Alas, no. We’re going camping with Kelvin & Ismay this weekend.
            6. It’s a, wow-that’s-an-awfully-big-critter-to-live-up-to look.
            7. Which concerts are those?

          • Cat Ellen says:

            Re: cavalaxis!

            2. We’ll catch each other on our court schedule, if nothing else.
            6. You’re already there, luv, in my book *grin*
            7. Any of the big wars. My name tends to get on the concert fliers before I even volunteer (gee, and I know just who to blame, but he’s right to keep putting me on the line-up! challenges!) so we’ll just have to find an event where we’re both attending and where there will be big ol’ bardic concerts to perform in together!


    • Cat Ellen says:


      1. Of all my SCA Caidan friends that I’ve known more over email than in person, I think you rank as the longest/most known “more over email than in person” … and LJ is just contributing to it further! *giggle*
      2. How could I possibly challenge you, when I just started flipping through ? Hmm. I could challenge to make something “early period” (since both you and have few tendencies toward this), but since I know you’re already doing costuming, calligraphy, knitting, and a myriad of other things: What would you *like* to be challenged with?
      3. Salmon, rust, and warm orange–like a multi-colored silk in the sun
      4. Your incredible attention to detail
      5. I remember there was an event YEARS ago where we were supposed to finally meet in person, and I can’t remember if we did; and then the recent time we ran into each other at Borders near my most recent/current apartment
      6. An affectionate Maine Coon cat, snuggly and sweet
      7. Gosh, um, what craft or artistic pursuit were we first discussing on email those bazillions of years ago? I swear it was a weaving or calligraphy or something type skill, and we meant to meet up and you were going to teach me something or show me something … but I’ve drawn a complete blank for the past year what it was!! *grin*

      • ciorstan says:

        Re: ciorstan!

        Tablet weaving, wasn’t it? I’m the list owner of SCA-Weaving on yahoo, and one of the moderators of SCA-Cardweaving. Yanno, that was more than ten years ago, because I seem to recall that when I was writing that email, we lived in our old apartment in Los Angeles. Last month we passed the ten year mark in the house we bought.


        And as for a challenge– FINISH something. I have so many UFOs that my garage looks like the Mother Ship blew up.

    • Cat Ellen says:


      1. I consider working for the CSO one of the most servant-like jobs EVER at UCSB, and I’m terribly impressed that you’re doing it!

      2. I challenge you to enter either a Bardic Contest or a Bardic Concert at a war with me.

      3. Bright vibrant purple, with silver bells!

      4. Your bright eyes and sweet smile

      5. Heh heh heh, my first memory of you is definitely drunken stories around the Isles fire at Estrella ’06 on Sunday night after the Bawdy Bardic concert. And that adorable Russian accent of yours!

      6. A Goshawk, especially one in flight

      7. Wanna study/practice Russian together? And when are you taking that Linguistics survey lower-division class (you’d make a =fabulous= linguist! all that scientific-approach and languagy-goodness rolled together!)

      8. Now of course you’ll have to respond on yours with this post, so I can pop in with my me-me!

    • Cat Ellen says:


      1. When you smile, clouds break and sun shines!

      2. I teased that I might challenge you both to make something early period (snicker, giggle), but I think I’ll ask you what I asked her: What do you WANT to be challenged with?

      3. Honey and gold and all things warm and shimmery

      4. I love the way you laugh and relax when we’re together. You’re so darn beautiful when you laugh. *beaming smile*

      5. Gosh, I’m not certain what my earliest memory of you is. But my clearest is how you lit up when I took a cute photo of you.

      6. I’m not sure why, but browsing animals in wikipedia, I decided to go with a Kangaroo

      7. Oh! If anyone could help me fit a corset correctly, you could!! Can you help me construct one?

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