Although everyone else seemed to always use Mapquest for directions and maps, I had always been a fan of Lately I’ve become completely addicted to, and just this afternoon I noticed the Satellite imagery that goes with their maps.

I zoomed in on the house I grew up in, on my elementary school, my high school, my college dorm, my college apartment, my current apartment, and the house I shared with Dayle and Ken (you can see the pool!). I’m just astonished at the functionality. I’m dizzy with satellite imagery.

Plus I just love the slide-around-on-the-map way to move the maps in google. I’ll probably never use anyone else’s maps ever again.

* * * * *

We had our quarterly “state of the business” meeting at work this morning, and I’m just thrilled to be part of a company that’s such a leader in their industry. It makes me think about ways I can keep improving as an individual member of the team, and to be here for a long time to come. It’s almost enough to make me consider this area of Southern CA my “permanent home” … although that’s going to take a lot of soul-searching. I’m still connected to my “old” county where I still go to church, see friends, pick up my mail, and all that. But I love where I work, and I still feel centrally located to much of what I go to. I just feel the tug of a good employer, and that’s a good thing.

* * * * *
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