Just a quick friends-locked entry (which I almost never do)….

Any of you runners? People who have supported runners?

I think I’ve just lost my mind. Today I’ve decided I’m committed to doing a marathon. My first marathon. I don’t run (yet). I’m gonna do it.


Okay, big admission done: I’m nervous about narrowing the platform on which I might discus these things. Because I usually post all “in the public” and everything, but I’m *NOT* fishing for comments from the generic masses. I’m not looking for the “you’re my hero!” and “I’m so inspired!” notes that invariably come when someone commits to something big. I’m actually more nervous about trying to manage the well-meaning nonsense that would come from having over 1100+ people following me on Facebook.

So I’m going to talk frankly about running on twitter. I’ve set up a Runners support circle in Google+. And I’ll set up a locked friends group on LiveJournal for anyone who’d like to join in. But heaven help me, I’m not ready to handle the generic all-public facebook masses yet.

Just sayin’