Shop and Pack

Getting up early for the gym is good for me, and I’ll just keep remembering that. Really.

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One wonderful thing about this new job is the speed of the local network and the lack of military firewall. It’s so nice to be able to finish work and then take a few hours to finish paying all my bills for the week, balance my checkbook, and go through my large shoulder bag to make sure that all my filing will get home in one piece, and not remain to be lugged around for weeks. The “…from the inside out” books have inspired me to be happier with “good enough” and not “excessively perfect” organization systems—ones that can be done quickly and are thorough enough without being overkill. I kinda always knew I was doing too much sometimes, and friends like Dayle would gently point it out to me on occasion. Their wisdom is making more sense day by day. Thanks folks.

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I was very glad to see that I had brainstormed what I would need to pack for this weekend, because my plans to shop early and pack early never materialized. So when I did head out to hit the store, it went wonderfully quick and although I’m tired and need to get up really early, I’m almost completely packed and ready for tomorrow. Thankfully much of what I need for *next* weekend is what I’ve packed for this weekend, so that starting Monday I only have to wash and repack a few things then I’ll be ready again.

More later, dearies.

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Right about that clock thing

Nice to know that my thoughts yesterday—about having a jet-lagged internal clock—were right. I forced myself out of bed around 5, 5:15 this morning, turned on the coffee pot, jumped into my workout clothes, packed my work clothes, put the coffee in travel mugs, packed the car, and hit the road. There is something *so* satisfying about traveling on the freeway at normal top speed the whole way and never slowing for traffic jams. Ahhh *sighs contentedly*

And then I was rewarded with the ability to pick my favorite parking space, workout, shower, dress, and wander into the office feeling alive and human and wonderful. How great is that!

The “Time Management from the Inside Out” book is rapidly becoming my favorite, and it’s encouraging to find that when I stop to jot some notes to myself, it turns out that she covers that very thing I jotted down in the very next chapter. The internal telepathy is working (yippee), and the gaps in my understanding about time management for my personal style are finally getting filled in with the tools I think I can really use.

There’s a tiny piece of me that wants to buy these books for everyone I know, but then again not only is that impossible financially, it’s silly. The only way you’ll read and apply these principles is if you have that personal internal motivation to do so. No one can hand you the book and *make* you learn to fix parts of your life that you feel need improvement.

But wow. I’m really glad I’m reading it!

* * * * *

After work I went to see a friend who just got back from Wales and London on an almost 2-week trip. She’s also my massage therapist, so we caught up on life, her trip, AND I paid to get a massage. Turns out I’ve actually been stressing (almost injuring?) my shoulders and the connected muscles in some of my workouts. I have almost no mobility to stretch my shoulders and arms back behind me, and what I thought was just working hard to gain mobility was really over-working the muscles and working too hard, too fast. So she gave me some stretching and exercise tips, recommended I take ibuprofen for a while to take down the inflammation, and NOT exercise those muscles on the machines in the gym for a while. Good to know.

Afterwards, I met up with Kristin (my best friend from college) for dinner. She’s been on the road, training software installations for her bay area company, and occasionally she’s been in town near me. So we’ve actually been able to catch up and see each other over dinner twice in the past month or so. We had this wonderful meal at Houston’s, one of her favorite restaurants and one I’d never heard of or tried. She claims they were the real/first inventors of spinich dip (the artichoke, spinach, cheese heated piece of heaven, served with chips) and I agree—it was amazingly yummy. Some day we may come back to order just two orders of spinach dip and a side of veggies or beans & rice for dinner. I opted for their veggie platter, which sounds boring as “chilled asparagus, grilled cauliflower, tomatoes, and couscous” but was actually very VERY flavorful and yummy. The asparagus was in a lemony creamy sauce, very savory, and the grilled cauliflower was also in a cheesy sauce (very light). And the couscous had yellow raisins, currents, peanuts, chopped herbs, mint, and spices and was really sweet and wonderful. Definitely worth ordering again! The warm apple cobbler was a let down, but since we were sharing and mostly full already, it didn’t break my heart to just put down the spoon and ignore the cobbler.

The drive home was very VERY tiring, and thankfully only 20 minutes or so. It’ll be a long day tomorrow, so g’night folks.

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Slightly Off-Kilter Internal Clock

I think I’ve figured out why my internal clock is so confused. At the old job, I had a minimum 90-minute drive in most traffic, but I could cut it to 66 minutes if I left the house by 6 am, no later than 6:15. Everyone took lunch pretty much at 11 am, and so my day started really *really* early.

It’s my eighth week at the “new” job (whoa. two months already?!), and everything’s shifted several hours. I can still get to work by 9 if I leave by 8—I never could leave as late as 8 at the last job. And even more, everyone seems to eat around 1 pm. I’m usually starving by that time, but at the same time, around 11 am I feel like I’ve just started to dig into the work of the day.

I probably need to re-evaluate what time I get up, get to work, go to lunch, etc. to set all my inner cycles back on track. The luxury of sleeping in needs to be fine-tuned quite a bit.

* * * * *

I did make it to the gym again, finally, this afternoon. Around 2 I was just tired, sore, and cranky at my desk. I was daydreaming about sitting in a hottub, so I leapt up and worked out, just so I could clean up and stand under a hot shower for a bit. My shoulder’s been killing me—I think I’ve been sleeping on it wrong, night after night.

It was worth it—the exercise and the feeling of satisfaction was exactly what I needed to get back to work again. But it did show me how ridiculously off my clock was, since it was so late in the afternoon.

A few weeks ago, I was in class at 8 am five days a week, and most days I made it in to the gym before class started. I’m thinking that maybe I need to set that in motion again.

* * * * *

It may be tough to write for the next few days, in preparation for the tournament on Saturday. I’ve offered to bribe friends with what I call “coffee of splendoor” to get them to show up early enough for setup. I hate seeing only 1 or 2 people there on time, struggling to set up a large pavilion. So I’ll be serving coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and hot spiced cider for anyone who’ll show up early. So tomorrow night will be spent shopping and packing, Friday traveling, Saturday at the event, Sunday at church, and Sunday evening clearing boxes from the garage to help my roomies who are coming down with a moving van with the rest of Geoff’s boxes. And next weekend is a big camping trip, so it’ll be a bizarre next week.

See ya when I can!

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Night or Morning?

Sometimes I don’t know if I’m truly a morning person or a night person. Here it is 1:30 in the morning, and this second wind still hasn’t slacked much.

This afternoon I put together some worksheets, to start brainstorming and keeping my ideas all in one place. The key questions are “What’s working” and “What’s not working,” combined with what would the benefits be if I really fixed things. I’ve started a separate page for different topics—some for organizing my space (cleaning the garage, organizing my bedroom), some for organizing my time or projects (work, studying ASL). One of the things that always works for me—if I’m brainstorming about one topic, I’ll be hit with tons of ideas for other topics.

At my last job, the Marine base, one of my closest friends in the office used to tell me that I should write a book. I can’t wait to tell her that I wished I’d written something like “Organizing from the Inside Out” or that I’d thought up this kind of approach. I love that she states (so often) that you have to design the system that works for you, your strengths, your favorite techniques. And you design how to find your weaknesses and how to approach them. Each of us is different, and it’s all about figuring out who you are and how to be the *best* you that you are.

This is *so* the root of everything I’ve been thinking through since my divorce five years ago, and it’s very encouraging.

Anyways, I picked up a few odds and ends at the office supply store on the way home [since three-ring binders is one of the things that “works for me”], and did some more reading and brainstorming over dinner. When I got home, I just jumped right into cleaning up a bit in the kitchen, and organizing up in my room. Now, several hours later with fully folded, ironed, and put away clothing, and a few more things reorganized in my bedroom, I still feel charged enough to jot down a journal entry before sleep.

And yet, most of my closest friends know me as a morning-person. Hence my question—what really is a morning- or a night-person? And which really embraces the best in me?

I also can’t wait to give Dayle the highlights of the Time Management book, since I read about half of it over dinner.

I’m such a weirdo. (Hopefully, in a good way!)

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Caught up again

Ah ha. All caught up again.

I apologize for the flurry of entries all at once, but we had some internet issues at home, my laptop keyboard issues, and I even left some notes I jotted down at work. But I got them all sorted out and posted, and I hope you’ve been enjoying my last week’s worth of stories.

Today is another inter-departmental meeting between the tech writers, so I’m looking forward to that. And Thursday I’ll be doing a medical screening at work, as part of the “bring it to the employees” approach they seem to have around here. It’s similar to those “body scans” but all done with ultrasound instead of x-rays. What I’m *really* hoping for is to win one of the raffles where six people are going to get $50 off courtesy of the company. I’ve not done a good job of having a personal physician or going in for check-ups, so I’m anticipating this as just a preventative step to make certain I’m living in a healthy way. Since they say that 50% of women have heart attacks or strokes or other related issues, I’m trying to make certain I stay on the healthy side of that statistic.

Other than that, I’ve remembered to bring my workout clothes in today, and have nothing else big planned right now.

So have a lovely day, everyone.

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Recently Listened to: Tori Amos, “To Venus and Back” (Disc 1: Live and Orbiting)